Tomahawk, WI 07/16/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Voluminous trading, through thick and thin has seen Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s share price drift around the $67.17 per share mark yesterday. Investors, in large numbers, are showing interest and competency upon FB.

Women, Facebook And Narcissism

Lately, a techno-psychological study carried out by emeritus researchers in North Florida, that duly predicted that a user’s Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) behavior depicted narcissism levels and predicted the same. Tracy Alloway of the University of North Florida commented that a woman’s activity on FB, is the deterministic factor that defines narcissism.

Smart TV, On The Cards

A more interesting news gained the centre-stage, pushing profitability higher – that reflected in increased trade activities and higher share price. From the onset of the upcoming Fall, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users would get a wry opportunity to watch TV shows ideally on tablets or smartphones. FB would deleteriously and thoroughly scan the available database, assess the gender and age modalities and associate with Nielson to urge and aid all and sundry in viewing TV online, helping a myriad advertisers.

With the aid of FB, Nielson, on the other hand is on an expansion spree – expanding its holistic business unit, far and wide, beyond the realm of TV sets. Nielson is taking the noble aid of certain data aggregators in this regard.

‘View’-Paradigm Shift

The views were agog that the definition of literally ‘Watching TV’ had been changing sumptuously with every passing day; hence, it’s the objective and necessity to bring TV to laptops, smartphones, myriad of tablets or wristwatches. Indeed, the noteworthy FB-Nielsen collaboration is deemed to provide a better and pronounced glimpse of the level of interaction of TV sets with smart devices.

Ideas And Concerns

The Nielsen Executive VP, Cheryll Idell conjectured lately that the world is witnessing a radical shift; hence, the onus lies with all and sundry to incorporate the art of sound audience measurement, in this whopping age of profitability in the digital world, amidst rigmaroles!

The sole concern that drops the shoulders of the researchers is the notion that each viewer would perceive while unwittingly being alerted that each of their video buffering and viewing process is making the research team fidget!

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