Tomahawk, WI 10/24/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) went through one of the most difficult times in its short history after launching its IPO in 2012. The post-IPO period was bad for FB and its value and shares were seriously affected. However, the company has seen its fortunes take a turn for the better in 2013, and this has been attributed to various factors. The one factor that helped FB see a change in its fortune was its decision to start using mobile ads to boost its revenue. Now the company says it is ready to move into the next level by introducing video in all its mobile ads.

FB Can Use This New Feature to Maintain its Current Level of Growth

This single factor is more than enough to help FB maintain its current level of growth. It may be too early to say with certainty how much the company will gain from adding videos to its mobile ads. Just like it normally is with all new things, it maybe awhile before the company starts reaping the benefits of this new feature on its mobile ads. The new feature that FB has introduced is meant to help app developers to add videos while promoting their own mobile applications on Facebook. It has the potential to grow exponentially in popularity.

This video app has the potential of adding a lot of revenue to FB. The growth of mobile as the device most active FB users love to use in order to access their Facebook accounts is nothing short of miraculous. FB now encourages app developers to come up with advertisements that are creative and will engage the users. This is quite different from auto-play video ads that FB has been linked with for ages, but are yet to see the light of day. This new feature will require users to click in order to see the video mobile ad, and it will help app developers to increase sales.

New Feature to Help App Developers and FB Increase Their Sales

When app developers increase their sales through the addition of this new feature, FB will obviously benefit as well. FB enjoys the distinction of being one of the most important and regularly visited sites in the world. It only competes with Google in terms of being the most popular sites. It boasts of more than a billion active users globally, therefore, this new feature has great potential to multiply FB’s revenues. Its mobile app is just as important and significant as the company itself is, and may be what the company needed all along to pull in huge revenues.

The new video ads provide app developers with a better opportunity to market their games and other products. App developers now have the chance to market their products better since it is not just about texts now but there is a video to accompany their wordings. I see their fortunes changing, this will have a knock-on effect on FB stock, and its shares once the company monetizes this feature much better going forward. I still believe that investors should never give up on FB and it has great potential going forward.

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