Tomahawk, WI 11/12/2013 (BasicsMedia) – This far, the world’s most popular social networking company Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has done a lot on its own. The company has been growing its user base significantly since it IPOed last year. And even after the glitch-hit IPO, the company has been able to recover and is promising better things for subscribers and investors. With a whole lot of success attained single handedly, the company is now seeking out to work with likeminded partners for mutual gain.

The latest in the company’s cards is strengthening its mobile access through stronger ties with operators. The company stated that it has joined the wireless trade association which brings together wireless carriers, vendors and related companies under GSMA. There are two reasons why FB is interested in scaling its mobile access. The first one has to do with the entry of Twitter into the picture in a very big way. If it doesn’t think and act ahead of the competition, its lunch could be eaten by Twitter which is already ridding on the strong wave of successful IPO managed last week at the New York Stock Exchange.

The second reason has to do with the company’s desire to connect nearly two third of the global population – about 5 billion people – that is yet to be reached with the internet. In achieving this, partnership with wireless operators looks promising as it has already helped the company to add a significant user base to its network lately. More so, FB stated that it’s seeing a bigger chunk of its revenue coming from mobile access. This is particularly so as more and more people buy smartphones to access the internet. The increasing penetration of tablets is also adding to its growing mobile revenue.

Pursuing $11 billion social media ad revenue

The social media advertisement revenue in the U.S. alone is expected to hit $11 billion by 2017. Last year, it stood at 4.7 billion. FB is not just seeking a share into these billions, but it’s seeking to earn the most of it, if better, earn all of it. Joining GSMA is a huge step towards this end and FB is determined to get this working rather faster. In August this year, the leading social media company teamed up with mobile operators and tech companies to form, as an initiative to expand internet access to everyone. The collaboration brings together Nokia, MediaTek, Qualcomm, Samsung, Ericsson and Opera.

Through this collaboration, FB is focused on driving down the cost of technology, data and expanding internet usage. The social networking company knows far too well that its fortune and future lie in huge user base. Already, the company has stated that it’s making tweaks on its platform which would allow celebrities, politicians and perhaps businesses to engage their fans more closely in chats and debates.

Spreading tentacles to the emerging markets appears promising for FB. Already its Facebook Zero program is allowing free access to the service and vast majority of those who could not afford internet are now hooked to the network. To make this user campaign successful, the company finds it less draining when it partners with companies which already have a foothold in mobile communication and wireless services.

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