Tomahawk, WI 11/15/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) cannot be strangled, if you try, it will always haunt you. Maybe this is what Iranian authorities have now come to realize and the world’s largest social networking site is getting endorsement in the Islamic republic from very unlikely quarters.

The significance of the social networking company’s resurgence in the Middle East requires critical analysis. The social media company is seeking to boost its numbers. There is growing competition in the market coming from such established rivals like Twitter which just IPOed recently and feels energized by inventors’ money to take on any competitor. FB is also facing red-hot competition from startup mobile apps which are stealing its future in the form of teens.

In seeking to boost its numbers, the company is aiming at higher revenue collection. Loss of users is a death sentence on any internet social networking company. A lot of highflying social media companies in the yesteryears have now fallen by the wayside, what remains of them is the name and narrative about their fall from grace. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) does not want to go that route, neither are its rivals in the market. So the competition is tight, like they say, it’s a survival for the smartest.

Facebook making links to boost its numbers

The Menlo Park company is smart, that is why while it doubles its closes rivals in user number, it’s seeking to consolidate its base. The company has lately acquired a few startups and is seeking to purchase Snapchat, a mobile photo sharing platform that is the in-thing among young people today. The company is also expanding is mobile reach out. It has joined an association of mobile operators to try and bring internet and technology to underserved communities. And if recent reports are anything to go buy, mobile is the new revenue frontier for social networking companies as PC sales plummet while smartphone sales soar. A strong presence in mobile is going to help the company achieve its revenue growth objective.

After the ban

Every part of this planet where there is people, there is money, this why for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), removal of the blockage in Iran should have happened like yesterday. The country is debating whether or not it should allow its citizens to use internet networking sites like FB. The country banned the use of FB when its citizens started harnessing the power of social media to protest against a repressive regime of the former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The new president is moderate, he uses, social media, so perhaps there is need to extend that privilege to other Iranians, including those who put him in power by the vote. Several high ranking government officials have voiced their support for the lifting of the ban. If the ban does go, FB would definitely cheer up, the stock would most likely swing up and investors in position can prepare for some bountiful harvest from their investment. Moreover, lift of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) ban in Iran will also see an influx of Islamic investment in the company.

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