Tomahawk, WI 01/10/2014 (BasicsMedia) – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has announced that its controversial ad feature, operational since 2011, ‘Sponsored Stories’ will be withdrawn from April 9, 2014. Sponsored Stories created a social endorsement for ads, so if a user liked a company’s product or services, the user’s profile and action would reflect in the advertisement.

Privacy Concerns:

This feature had raised the heckles of many Facebook users and also lead to many legal issues for the company. A class action suit was brought against the company and after a protracted legal battle; a settlement of $20 million was awarded. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) was quick to change its privacy policy and broadened it to include all the users data. With the new privacy policy, the company can use a person’s profile picture, the location as well as the ‘like’ in advertisements.

The change is cosmetic. With the new feature ‘Social Context’ , your ‘like’ about a page or even checking into a restaurant is now eligible to appear next to all ads shown to friends on Facebook. The legality of such an action is best left to advocates. But, such feature does have the capacity to invade privacy, whether you like it or not. Imagine those stolen moments you try to spend with a special someone when you are supposed to be unwell. The next day your boss may be the first person to question you about the quality of the restaurant.

Teens leaving Facebook?

Companies and organizations are increasingly turning to social media sites to access candidates and even their present employees. In fact Facebook updates have managed to nail many accused by the police force. Facebook is increasingly being used to determine a candidate’s suitability, their social actions being used to access whether the candidate is a right ‘fit’ for the job and the company.

With such features, is it surprising that teens are said to be deserting Facebook? The teen period is always a period of rebellion and what can happen if the parents get to know the activities of their children?

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will need to work on such issues before it is rejected by most of its users. We are talking about teens deserting Facebook, tomorrow; mature audiences could do the same, driven by the fact that their privacy is being invaded. Facebook is attractive to advertisers due to its good average monthly active users. And also because a good percentage of these are the crucial decision making people controlling the purse strings. Lose them and you lose the advertisers

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