Tomahawk, WI 07/10/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Facebook To Use Bitcoin

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has announced that it would be soon entering the Digital Payment world on its platform. The company has already taken relevant steps for the same and is waiting for the approval from Central Bank of Ireland so that it can initiate its services. The approval would include the “e-money” status in its Europe base, which would help Facebook to issue digital credits which would be changed into cash by its recipient.

Approval by the Ireland Bank means a lot to the business as it would act as a passport for company’s digital payment services throughout Europe across the EU member states. The services would allow the users to transfer and accumulate the money in their respective accounts on Facebook’s platform. Also the users would be able to do online shopping as they do on other websites.

The business would accomplish its task via Bitcoin which is a well software used for online monetary transactions. Likewise the company hired David Marcus, PayPal President recently to pilot its messaging services. David was an inflexible follower of Bitcoin, hence it could be expected that the digital payment service via Bitcoin would soon be successfully launched.

WhatsApp Facebook Deal In Dilemma

Facebook did buy WhatsApp for a huge amount of $19 billion, but it seems that the company won’t be able to get hold of WhatsApp until and unless both the companies undergo a regulatory check. The most prominent part of the procedure would include the consent from the Europe’s anti social supporters. As per the news from the Wall Street Journal, European Commission just wishes to make out whether what would be the after effects of the merger on the competitors of Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB). Indirectly it indicates that the Commission is not much in the favor of the merger and it’s quite questionable whether the Commission will give clearance to the mash up or not.

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