Tomahawk, WI 8/07/2013 (Basicsmedia) –  FB, or Facebook in full, has emerged as one of the major firms in the world. Its services are mostly offered in the social media network or circles. However, some people have often wondered whether the company is properly valued and able to provide them with the best return on investment or not. I will give a definite answer on what I think about FB and its stock later on, but right now, read on and find out the reasons which I put forward regarding why you should be seriously thinking about investing in this company, if you haven’t done that as yet.

What Do Employees of FB Think About It?

When thinking of investing in any company, you need to find out what its employees think about it.  Unfortunately, very few investors ever take time to think along these lines. An employee’s view or perception of the company where he/she works is a sure way of getting an insider’s perspective of the same. There are things which employees know about the company which isn’t public knowledge. However, FB employees list their company as one of the best places to work, anywhere in the world. For this reason, you should buy or invest in its stock.

Is the CEO of FB Providing Proper Leadership?

Before investing in any company, and this includes FB as well, you should evaluate how its CEO is performing in terms of providing leadership. This is a very important aspect of the decision to be made or taken by any potential investor. It is heartening to note that FB’s CEO has been quite upfront in terms of the leadership he provides to his company. There are companies which would probably struggle quite a bit in the absence of strong leadership from and at the top. Mark Zuckerberg, FB CEO, has been rated at the first place in terms of providing strong leadership.

What Does the Future Have for FB?

The future of a company you intend to invest in is something that is worth taking into consideration. There is something known as multiple futures and it simply refers to a situation where a company has a very strong likelihood of coming up with innovative ideas and products in several aspects. Companies with good futures are those which are prepared to get involved with more than one industry at any given moment, without veering away from its core functions, products or services. This is a fate which FB is prepared to take thus making it viable investment.

FB’s Results are Impressive

Lastly, every single prospective investor must take a close look at the company’s financial results for a given period of time, comparing and learning more about each of them. FB obtains a large chunk of its revenue from advertisements on the social media site. However, it is still able to report financial results which indicate that there is growth in the company to reassure investors, both current and future ones, that it is a good and solid investment. This can be seen by the diagram below which show FB financial metrics over a five year period, from 2008-2012.


This diagram, which is courtesy of, shows FB financial metrics over a 5-year period.

Therefore, there is every reason to believe that FB has a wonderful past, and equally attractive future thus making it a worthwhile investment for any investor.

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