Tomahawk, WI 11/08/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has announced that its expanding its offices to Boston and the best site it has identified is near Harvard University, the place where it was founded nearly a decade ago. The move of FB to Boston is as symbolic as it is economically telling and for this reason, investors should be interested to find out what this move means for the social networking company.

It is interesting that FB’s office expansion is coming just soon after its rival Twitter IPOed. And expansion of operation space is not just happening with FB, Google has also lately acquired huge floor spaces in the traditional tech hubs to expand its operations as it hopes to add more products to its business. FB going to Boston, an economically healthy and tech community, the firm is tracing its roots and it hopes to get talents that would help drive forward its exploits in the tech industry. The company needs engineers in its various departments as it seeks to expand its revenue on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Choosing Boston among other attractive tech locations was deliberate; it’s able to get who it wants in its steam and it also wants to grow the local community. And the resulting growth will not just be confined to Boston, but its investors would also feel it trickling down in earnings.

Talents required for infrastructure growth

To meet its talent demand for infrastructural development, FB requires software engineers, data scientist, security engineers and hardware test engineers. And Boston can offer these talents and many more, just what the social networking company needs to stay above its rivals.

High Perks for employees

FB is among the tech companies known to offer hefty perks for employees. The company knows just what the world expects from it and in order to deliver effectively and efficiently, FB has lucrative pay policy for its employees. The company is currently in the process of putting up staff apartment near its headquarters to accommodate its employees, due to the housing crisis in the tech hub location. The apartments would also be rented out to non-employees at the market rate.

Treating employees well has helped FB to avoid staff hemorrhage which has afflicted some of its rivals and which can hurt its future as well.

It’s been a long work this far

FB went public in May last year after attaining subscriber base of more than a billion. As a social networking company, this was the strongest number ever compared against its predecessors. By this huge user base, the company has been able to contain the shock of user exit which would deny it higher revenue; instead, it continues to grow exponentially. Its IPO was largely botched that it took nearly a year to get its shares into attractive position. Today the stock trades at about $48 per share. The company is also set to join the prestigious S&P 500 Index after attaining the admission prerequisite.

The entry of Twitter into the public listing through New York Stock Exchange is a closely watched development. The reason is that Twitter’s gain is FB’s loss, so the company will be working hard not only to improve its revenue collection, but also to retain its user base to ensure that Twitter doesn’t eat its lunch. And this means investors can have a party and enough sleep.

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