Tomahawk, WI 10/18/2013 (BasicsMedia) – When Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) first appeared on the scene, it has a lot of challenges to meet. In many ways, it was the pioneer of what quickly became recognized globally as the social media network. It ahs developed into the leading social media site with more than a billion active users worldwide. The closest challenger to Facebook remains Twitter Inc, whose IPO launch is set to take place before the end of 2013. The company has since then made a lot of changes in its efforts to be listed the best and most visited site on the Internet. How will it achieve this?

FB’s Operations Different from Newer and Hipper Social Media Sites

FB has not been operating its services the same way the newer and hipper rival social media sites have been doing. One of the areas where it seeks to change this is by allowing teens aged between 13 and 17 years to post what is on their mind to the public. This is what newer sites have been doing, but FB had not taken the same path. The company hopes that this step will increase the sharing of information between teens and the rest of the public. This step will increase FB’s universal appeal and help improve its popularity among all cadres of users.

FB is taking bolder steps now that it has recovered from a terrible post-IPO period. There are suggestions that the company’s stock has not reached its peak. One way in which it can attain this goal is by creating the right atmosphere for its users to share widely. Social media networks can improve their popularity when they retain users and come up with innovative solutions. FB has been lagging behind in this perhaps due to its strict policy regarding the safety of minors. Since other social media sites have done this safely, FB is set to follow suit.

Facebook on a Multi-Pronged Approach to Increase its Popularity

What I like about tech stocks is that they rarely focus on only one strategy at a time. What I have noticed with tech stocks, and FB is one of the biggest, is that they use a multi-pronged approach at all times. Therefore, I do not expect this approach, which focuses more on making the site attractive to teens, to be the only one FB carries out right now. It is on a battle with Google Inc to find out which of the two will bear the title of being the most dominant website worldwide. FB and Google outperforms each other in specific regions of the world.

Facebook Seeks to be The Number 1 Site Among Teens

FB initially allowed teens to share only with their friends and friends of friends. However, the new approach seeks to give them more options where anything they share is visible to the public at large. FB seeks to turn itself into a site that teens love more than they currently do. I expect this move to attract a bit of negative reaction from privacy watchdogs but FB seeks to address this issue by including a tutorial where new teens on the social media site, will be enlightened on how to protect their accounts through the privacy settings feature. I support this move fully.

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