Harshaw, WI  10/4/12 (BasicsMedia) – It has come at last, one of those first big moments that everyone was looking forward too, a major milestone, an earth shaking event.  Drum roll please. After all the numbers have been counted Facebook told us Thursday Morning that as of September 14 at exactly 12:45 pm Pacific time they have officially reached 1 billion users.

To give you an idea of just how many people that is, the world population is not quite seven billion strong. So this means that one in every seven people on the face of this earth are on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). Think about that for a moment, one in every seven of your friends, fellow workers or relatives is now on Facebook. Whew.

Lets break this down a little further and take a closer look. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has told us that these 1 billion people are considered active monthly users. This means that these people log in or share content with Facebook or get connected to Facebook through some other third party application at least once in a 30 day period. Ok, but how many people use it more than once a month to find old flames or keep in touch with their relatives? The answer to that question is more than half of those 1 billion are daily users, 552 million people are considered daily active users. At least this was the average at the beginning of the summer.

Taking a look at a short timeline, Facebook reached the half way point of this milestone in 2010 and during the 2012  Q2 earnings call the company announced it had just passed the 955 million average monthly user mark. So it took them only a couple of months to add 50 million more users.

Here are some other interesting tidbits to think about. The average age for users is 22. The top five countries using Facebook when it set this incredible mark were India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and the U.S. Facebook has over 600 million people using the social media network on their mobile phones. Last but certainly not least over 219 billion pictures have been uploaded to the site. So every monthly active user has at least two pictures of him or herself loaded up. Seems logical when you think that on your personal page you have two pictures right at the top.

Getting the next billion will more than likely be a tougher assignment, but Zuckerberg says the company is up to the task. He says one of the goals of the company is to grab at least a couple more billion in the next ten years.

One of the other big questions is now that they have that many users how do they bring in more revenue?

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