Tomahawk, WI 07/02/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) comes up with an innovative idea for the beneficial sake of the advertisers. Facebook will debut the missed call advertisement in India. The social network giant experiments an advertisement program at India, wherein a mobile user can contact the advertiser merely with the click of a button. The call is supposed to be hanged up immediately after reaching the advertiser and a return call explaining the features and profile of the company will be triggered.

Principle of the advertisement campaign

The ideology is that requesters can learn and understand about the product and its features without actually shelling out any money. The return call received at the user end will contain a pre recorded voice message which will cover up all crucial and vital information of the advertiser’s product. The implementation of this principle will in turn minimize data and call charges of the users. The return voice call can be of any product from soap operas to majestic automobiles depending on the interest showed up by the user. Few areas include cricket scores, soccer updates, discount coupons etc.

Why India?

India is a target for this missed call program owing to its conservative background and second ranking in the world for its population. India holds a good potential for the widespread use of this Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) feature. Another reason for the decision is that Facebook is a shelter for more than 100 million of its resident user. The majority of this magnitude access Facebook in the disguise of application from mobile phones which are not so technology equipped and without a touch interface. Users accessing Facebook from these kinds of feature phones will be privileged with the missed call feature.


India, Brazil and Indonesia are looked upon for the advertisement program, as a result of these regions to be a boon for emerging Facebook’s market. It is expected that this campaign will boost the overall revenue of the social network giant. Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is also through the optimization phase that will be functional for slower connectivity that will boost this campaign.

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