Tomahawk, WI 8/26/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Stocks of social networking site Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) are among top performing tech stocks in today’s global internet era. Closely simulating the growth patterns in the social networks user base, the stock’s price has shown resilient growth. It’s like social network is a parallel universe that we interact too, a mirror and in many cases a replacement to the real life. However, just as there are two sides of a mirror there also exists a downside to all that glitz and glam associated with the internet revolution that social networking has brought upon us!

The connectivity it offers is limited to social connectedness, the information (knowledge base) is mostly ‘word of mouth’ nature and the business model lacks coherence as well as apathy…. Yes apathy. Facebook’s business model fails to identify with the non users and is continuously paranoid with offering services for the existing customer base. Mobile advertisement, custom search, is embedding public posts for covering social news and last but not the least Zuckerberg’s latest idea collaboration “”.

The collaboration has been portrayed (to the extent of touting) as a Universal Favor for the mankind that is starving for access to the internet. But is there a profit potential and HOW humane is the effort considering the risk and returns embedded in the project. Lets See!

Under the plan the Facebook will be producing low cost Smartphone and other data applications for efficient data management. The company’s tradeoff for the “philanthropic move” a lucrative increment to its existing customer base through a Facebook for every phone project. For the hardware side of the project the Mike has joined hands with Sony Ericson; on the soft side the browser developing and management will be leaded by Opera. No why Zuckerberg forgot to take on Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT) is a big question mark and the biggest antidote to his “Sales Pitch” of the company.  Do both those competitors count as non earth beings?  “Affordability, efficiency and business model” have been defined as the key opportunities for and again that contradicts to the sales pitch of connecting everyone and everywhere.

Not to mention that Google already had a plan of similar nature Earth online and its very surprising that Facebook failed to identify that possible collaboration with its industry peer. The question is what good would it do for humanity when Facebook develops low cost phone and applications for the non-tech savvy developing customers having no value driven end use for that gadget? What good will technology bring if it’s just for the heck of connectivity and what value will consortium add to the industry overall. The effort mostly seems to be more of a convergence for gaining technological edge and monopolistic power over the industry’s collective customer base cloaked as a mere societal objective with a triple bottom line.

As for Zuckerberg’s question “Is connectivity a human right or not?” the answer is an undoubted YES but does it really have to be JUST through Facebook? The answer is No

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