Northern, WI  2/12/2013 (BasicsMedia)  —   Avon Products’ (NYSE:AVP) Q4 earnings topped Street expectations as EPS came in at $0.37, although revenue slipped 1% to $3B. “The overall business is showing early signs of stabilization,” said CEO Sheri McCoy. “I am confident that in 2013, we will see progress against our three-year financial goals.”

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Tim Cook is due to speak at a Goldman conference this morning amid rising hopes that the company will return more cash to shareholders, not to mention rumors of an iWatch and a cheaper iPhone. Cook’s presentation was moved up to 10:15 ET, fueling expectations of an announcement ahead of his remarks.

NYSE Euronext (NYSE:NYX) intends to spin off Paris-based Matif, Europe’s biggest grain-futures market, as part of its attempts to gain regulatory and political support for its $8.2B acquisition by ICE (NYSE:ICE). Matif would be included alongside the spin-off of four NYSE Euronext European stock exchanges, although the companies plan to keep most of NYSE’s London-based Liffe futures operations.

Dish Network (NASDAQ:DISH) will sell its billions of dollars of wireless spectrum if it fails in its bid to acquire Clearwire (NASDAQ:CLWR) or it’s unable to find a partner to create a new wireless network. Still, Dish has “plan B, C, D, E and F,” CEO Charles Ergen said yesterday. The company wants to build the network so it can provide its satellite subscribers with video inside and outside the house.

Shell’s (RDS.A) plans to drill in Alaska’s Arctic waters this year are in doubt after it said yesterday that it’s sending its two special purpose offshore rigs to Asia for repairs and upgrades. The news comes after a series of mishaps, including the grounding of the Kulluk drill ship near Kodiak Island of the Alaskan coast on December 31. The question investors have is whether the huge investment – $4.5B so far – is worth it.

While the growth of mobile payments is slower than expected, mobile banking is taking off, and, says Boston consultant Robert Hedges, “has caught the industry off guard.” Such banking accounts for roughly 8% of transactions vs 53% for regular online banking and 14% for branches. JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM), for example, has 13M customers who use its mobile services, which have become a “core experience.”

American Express (NYSE:AXP) yesterday launched the first “pay-by-tweet” service on Twitter, enabling cardholders to make purchases by sending a short message. The offering represents one of the most ambitious attempts so far to build e-commerce directly into Twitter, although strangely, the social media site won’t be taking a cut of the transaction revenue. Instead, the hope is the service will boost its ad income.

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