Tomahawk, WI 06/25/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Ford Motor Co (NYSE:F) retains the market for F-150 truck with its introduction on the current year. Earlier news was not in favor of F-150 stating that change over are highly impossible over this light weighted aluminum bodied vehicle.

Pickups lose weight with the aluminum body

The American auto maker is establishing two factories for the assembly of the new light weighted version of the trucks. This year, Ford plans to introduce about 16 models of the pickup vehicle in the province of North America. The model F-150 has shed about 700 pounds which accounts to 318 kilograms when compared to its counterpart, the steel body model. On Tuesday Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford America expressed his confidence on the new model and ensures that all the necessary procedures and activities are taking place smoothly and sees no deviations from the already planned chronology.

Impact due to Ford’s decision

The F-series pickups are the models which is profitable and the new aluminum bodied F-150 will stop the production of about 90, 000 conventional pickups. Also the sales of Ford Motor Co (NYSE:F) will be affected due to the shutdown of series of manufacturing plant which will in turn influence the market share, profits in the truck market.

Negative side of F-150

Ford Motor Co (NYSE:F) will surely experience lower returns and revenues from the new version of the truck when compared to the already existing model. It is assumed that the company’s decision will invite negative surprise and may result in slow change over in the commercial vehicle market.

Expectations from F-150

The American automaker has revealed that all pre dispatch testing of the vehicle have gone well and the launch of the F-150 truck with aluminum body will be on schedule. The F-150 could sell well if all the outside review favors the new truck. Consumers will be privileged with improved fuel economy, durability and enhanced ruggedness.

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