Tomahawk, WI 01/20/2014 (BasicsMedia) – Have you ever heard of a company where its CEO’s moves make more news than the company’s stellar performance? Of, course, we are talking about Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F). And the CEO in question is Alan Mulally and his reported romance with Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT).

Ford and its Rebirth:

The company was down in its dumps in 2006. It put everything on the block including its logo. And raised funds, mortgaging everything it could lay its hands on or rather everything the banks could lend against. Everybody called those moves foolish. Little did they know that only in a couple of years, they would have to eat their words and continue to eat for many years to come. 2008 came with its flurry of bad news, sales of all major car makers dived down, inventories; that too unsold, skyrocketed and the government had to hand out the dole to them. Not to Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), they did not need it.

They also suffered from falling revenues and virtually no profit margins. But without the government aid, they could concentrate and operate more freely, build and sell cars that consumers wanted. All because of Alan Mulally’s decision to get money at whatever cost, way back in 2006.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) did not have to look back again. It went through the turbulent days and also suffered as its competitors did. But it could design and sell cars it wanted.

The F-series

Ford designed the F-series, and it caught on like a wild fire, figuratively speaking. Today, it is the hottest selling model in the America; a new F-series was sold every 41 seconds in 2013. And it is also set to get a complete makeover in 2015. A move that Ford expects will give its life a new shot. Just like the shot, the company got when Alan Mulally finally said, I will not, to the Microsoft offer.

After months of hogging the limelight (well, only a couple of months actually), Mulally finally decided that working in Ford was more exciting than joining and reinventing Microsoft. After all Microsoft seriously needs reinventing. The Operating Systems business is not doing good, it has been mauled due to decreasing sales of both Desktops and Laptops, its Windows Operating System for smartphones has a tiny market share and even Sony Corporation (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) has managed to beat it in the gaming console business. A Mulally hand would have helped, maybe, but he may not have wanted to test the ‘maybe’, perhaps.

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