Tomahawk, WI 10/03/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has worked very hard to get where it is. This is considered a genuine American company which has always focused on making cars for the general market, mass market if you like. It enjoys a lot of goodwill from the American populace but this has not always translated to better sales for its much-loved cars. The last time it announced great are sales, was in September 2006. Since then, the company has been performing averagely in this regard. But things have changed if its latest September 2013 car sales data are anything to go by.

 Ford Enjoys The Best September Sales

 The latest F sales for September indicate that the company succeeded in selling 185,146 units in just this one month only. A breakdown of these results will show that the company enjoyed 62% increase in the sale of its Fusion brand, as well as a 29% improvement in the sale of its Fiesta brand. Moreover, for the fifth straight month, the company succeeded in engineering the sale of 60,000 and above of its F-Series cars.  The Lincoln MKZ which is relatively new in the market, succeeded in posting a 12% increase in its September sales. September was a good month for F.

 When comparisons are done regarding Ford’s monthly sales from one year to the next, a pattern emerges indicating that it has generally seen an increase in sales. The company has announced that its U.S operations reported increase in sales by about 6%. The 3 main reasons which F lists as being responsible for the increase in sales include wonderfully stylish cars, improved fuel economy, and value addition on these cars perhaps more than what the industry is accustomed to. These 3 areas of interest have helped Ford a great deal to enjoy improved monthly car sales.

 Where Does Ford’s Customers From?

 The Fusion and Fiesta brands appear to enjoy a strong demand from the coastal markets thus driving Ford’s sales further up. The F-Series currently enjoys the distinction of being America’s best selling vehicle and it continues proving that this is not a fluke with strong monthly sales on a regular basis. This is the twenty-sixth time when the F-Series is reporting an increase in its monthly sales. This is an achievement which most of Ford’s competitors cannot measure up to. Furthermore, this is the fifth time when the brand has posted sales above the 60,000 mark.

 Generally, if the company continues posting these improved sales every month, it could yet be a wonderful 2013 for the second largest car maker in the U.S. If it can translate these improvements to its 65 plants located all over the world, its sales, revenues and profits will also enjoy a huge increase and this is good news for investors. But more importantly, it needs its two automotive brands, Lincoln and Ford, to perform much better than they have done thus far. The fact that through its Ford Motor Credit Company, it also provides financing has helped its sales.

I believe that 2013 will be a good year for Ford Motor Company.

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