Tomahawk, WI 9/04/2013 (BasicsMedia) –The manufacturer of the iconic muscle car, the 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, had recently been presenting huge prospects for growth in the near future. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) had continued to make many modifications and updates to this classic car, but had always managed to maintain it to be the greatest muscle car of all times. Strong growth in sales in the United States, plans to launch additional models in the Chinese market and narrowing down of losses in the European markets are all pushing up the prospects for the growth of this car manufacturer in the near future.

Strong growth in United States

Ford Motor Company had managed to have an excellent year of huge sales in the United States and this had especially been true for the most profitable segment of the company, the full size pick ups. The F- Series cars of the company remain to be the best selling cars in the US markets for the past 31 years in a row. Further, the revenues from these markets are getting boosted up faster, primarily attributed to the huge and rapid increase in transaction prices for such class of vehicles in the industry.

The Chinese Breakup

On the other hand, Ford Motor Company had also been presenting stronger growth in sales in the markets of China, where the year to date sales is reported to have increased by 50% over the previous year. The company is further making strong attempts to double the market share in this region from the present level of 3% to 6% by the year 2015. In addition, it had also been conveyed that the company plans to launch 15 new model cars in these markets. All these put together prove definite to continue the positive surge in the sales revenues to the company from the Chinese markets.

Declining losses in Europe

Ford Motor Company had recently reduced its financial guidance for the losses of operations in the European region for the FY2013 from the earlier level at $2 billion to $1.8 billion. Though it might prove to be a smaller value, it proves highly significant for the investors who believe that such reduction in the guidance for losses would prove to mark the bottom of the company’s disappointments in the region. Further, Ford had also presented increase in wholesale volume, revenues, market share, pre tax profits and operating profit margins in the European markets. The company, however, continues to reiterate that the operations in this region would move on for a break even or turn out profitable by the year 2015.

All such bright prospects in the major operating regions of the company prove to add to the investor confidence towards this stock of Ford Motor. Further, the stock had moved on take a breather in the recent days of trading in August 2013 after continuously surging to make 70% profits for the previous year. It is further expected that the share prices would continue to drop if macroeconomic fears increase. If such decline in prices occurs, it would prove highly profitable for the investors to grab this stock of Ford with huge prospects for development by the year 2015 at lower level of prices.

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