Tomahawk, WI 02/13/2014 (BasicsMedia) – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has seen a substantial upsurge in its car sales in 2014. It has mostly enjoyed a huge surge in car sales in China. Ford has always been heavily reliant on its North American operations for profits and better revenue. The situation has not changed now that it is enjoying remarkable profits and higher revenues in China. It still depends on its North American operations, and this does not augur well for a company with the goal of being a leading global carmaker. Ford’s top management appears to have woken up to the fact that it cannot continue being overly reliant on its operations in the US, and must expand into China.

China has started being one of Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s major markets, outside of the US. When the Japanese automakers started struggling in China, Ford quickly emerged to fill the vacuum. Now that the Japanese carmakers in China appear to be experiencing a major rebound, Ford has to find ways of retaining and increasing its share of this market, instead of losing the little that it enjoys. In January 2014, Ford sold more than 95,000 units in China. If you look at the trajectory of growth in terms of car sales in China, you will see that Ford has enjoyed higher rate of growth between 2012 and 2013, and there is no way in which this trend will be reversed in 2014.

If Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) continues with its current trend in China, it should achieve a remarkable goal in that country by selling more than 1 million cars in the nation. In the last ten years Ford has been operating in China, it has always been behind Toyota and Honda in terms of car sales. Strangely, Ford sold more cars than Toyota and Honda in China in 2013. Finally, it seems that Ford has discovered how to increase its performance in China, which has the capacity of helping the company to overtake its peers in 2014. However, Ford still needs to do a lot to overtake General Motors, not only in the US, but also in other markets around the globe.

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) performs much better than Ford in China because it entered the Chinese market much earlier. However, as Ford continues improving its market share in the country, and produces cars that are earmarked for this market, it should be able to do much better than it has done thus far. GM has seen its market share and profit margins being cut down in the recent years. This gives hope to companies such as Ford, which has always operated as a younger brother to General Motors. Ford’s CEO for the last 8 years, Alan Mulally, has changed the corporate culture and operational strategy of the company, leading to improved performance.

In summary, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has the capacity to overtake GM and its other major competitors, such as Toyota and Honda, in China. If it manages to overtake its competition in this one market, it can then use that as a foundation and base to launch similar efforts around the world thus being the dominant force globally in terms of car sales.

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