Tomahawk, WI 12/10/2013 (BasicsMedia) – It is hard to deny that Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has outpaced its peers in the auto industry. Fiscal 2013 has particularly been a good year for F. Just last month, the company noted higher sales of its various vehicles, more so F-Series. It topped the auto sales in Canada in all car categories.

In Europe where the economy has not been rewarding generally, the automaker is headed to end the year with lower than expected pre-tax income losses. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) had projected that its pre-tax income loss would amount to $2 billion in full year. This was about $500 million per quarter. However, by the end of the first three quarters of the year, the company’s pre-tax income loss was just around $1 billion.

This indicates an improving market in Europe for Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F). The company is expected to continue penetrating the European market, more so the U.K. where market growth is predicted. Its rival General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) is already adjusting its operations, with the recently reported withdrawal of Chevrolet from the market. Auto makers are looking at Europe as a promising market.

Among its products, pickup trucks are the best-selling cars for F. The high sales of pickup trucks in recent months have been helped by the booming small business and construction industries. These industries have the highest purchases for trucks. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) rules the trucks vehicle platform in various markets due to the reliability of the vehicles.

At this point, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is looking at the emerging markets with upgraded and redesigned vehicle platforms with global appeal. The company has also plugged its financial losses through reduced operating expenses. This has thus set the company in clear growth path going forward. Investors can take position in the stock due to its promising future. Moreover, its buyback and dividend is also attractive.

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