Tomahawk, WI 8/09/2013 (Basicsmedia) – If there is one thing which continues to make Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), profitable, it has to be the brand name. However, the name is not sufficient if a company doesn’t add other new measures and strategies to give it a better presence in the market, and make it more attractive to investors and customers alike. Regardless of how much investment all the investors continue pushing into the company, if the end product is not something which the customers really wanted, it will lead to failure. Let’s take a look at how this is possible, if at all it is, from this year going forward.

Ford Motor Co Reports $2.1 Billion Profits in Q1 2013

Ford Motor Company recently reported profits in excess of $2 billion from its worldwide operations. For a company of such stature to report these amounts in profits, is quite impressive to say the least. While this amount is from all its markets in the world, it is worth reporting that the U.S led the way. What this figure may not tell investors and everyone who is interested is the fact that the company has been enjoying profits for more than fifteen months. Not only that, but the company was able to report a 12-month period of positive cash flows in the same period.

Where Did Ford Report Losses?

F didn’t have it all smooth and wonderful throughout the period leading to its declaration of more than $2 billion in profits. While the U.S market may have performed admirably and played a huge part in the total revenue and profits declared by the company, its operations in both South America and Europe never produced the kind of results it was hoping for. Both markets reported losses of $462 million and $218 million in both Europe and South America respectively. What this indicates is that Ford still has a long way to go in terms of creating profits across the board.

Did Ford Report Losses in Other Markets?

What about the rest of the world? How did Ford fare in other markets? It is good to point out that apart from the South American and European markets, Ford fared quite well in the Asia Pacific Africa region, and ended up with a tidy profit of around $6 million. This has led Ford to believe that the market is still good enough and that there is hope of resurgence if it can solve the problems which led to losses in both South America and Europe. For a company which has been in operation since 1903 when it was founded, I fully expect it to turn the losses into more profits.


This image, courtesy of, shows Ford’s monthly sales.

I would be the last one to try casting doubt on the remarkable results which Ford Motors Co has been reporting over the last 15 months. It is not easy for a company of its magnitude to declare profits in the region of $2 billion and above, bearing in mind the huge overheads it has to deal with. However, there is hope that things will change soon and that even where it was unable to declare profits, it will soon be able to do likewise and enjoy the benefits together with its investors. This is a good stock to buy, and trade with for the long term.

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