Tomahawk, WI 07/03/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is popular among military personals in the geography of America. The analysis from Polk registrations among 19.3 million of military family ranging from various cadres and as well as retired personnel proved the same.

Ford seeks highest selling among military families

Ford-150 achieves an unharmed stature which has topped the list among most widespread vehicles. Also Ford Escape stands the position of the best selling utility vehicle which is also ranked third globally. Ford Escape is the best selling vehicle in the automotive markets of Philadelphia, Detroit and Cleveland regions of America when evaluated among military families.  The American automobile giant currently supports more than 5,900 American veterans and retired military officers and this symbol of humbleness can be dated back to the days when the company was started.

 Ford’s relation with the military

American military family prefers to buy a vehicle from the Ford brand and they usually prefer pick up trucks, utility vehicles and cars over other brands. The sample from 19.3 million military family accounted to a whooping 920, 000 registration of both new and used vehicle altogether. The medium sized sedan Ford Fusion has been ranked 9th in the overall military families.

Vice President’s proclamation

The executive vice president, Global marketing, Sales, Service Jim Farley exclaimed the reason for the extensive sale of truck. American desire smart technology and Ford always implements cutting edge technology to cater their needs. Also Ford automobiles are efficient in their operation. The added benefits are that vehicles from Ford are ergonomically and aesthetically designed for extra comfort and long run functioning. He says that the sale of the vehicle is a honoring gesture from military family for having supporting military veterans and other military officers right from the time of Henry Ford.


Ford vehicles are popular among military families for being supported by the company for more than 90 years. Ford and Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) fund has provided more than $8 million for the veteran military organization and also for the Second World War memorial.

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