Tomahawk, WI 12/02/2013 (BasicsMedia) – The surprise exit of Fortinet Inc (NASDAQ:FTNT) chief financial officer pressured the stock, leading to its dip on the browsers to more than 12% on Friday. The company has explained that the resignation of Ahmed Rubaie was due to personal reasons. This means that investors shouldn’t be surprise or be worried by the latest developments in the company. These are things which do occur and a lot more will happen in future. The good thing is that the now former CFO will remain around through the transition.

If it were that the CFO was bolting from Fortinet Inc (NASDAQ:FTNT) because of things which are not adding up in the company’s actual business, having him remain available on a reasonable basis would be a dream. And in such situation, investor panic is justified, but not in this case.

Although a replacement CFO has been appointment and it’s Nancy Bush, Rubaie will be available for consultation at Fortinet Inc (NASDAQ:FTNT) through March next year.

Instead of panicking over the unexpected exit of the CFO, investors should get a word from the company’s founding CEO Ken Xiw who says that Fortinet Inc (NASDAQ:FTNT) is tracking well on its guidance. This is a source of confidence for investors who are seeking near term and long term value in the company.

Viewed differently, the nearly 13% pullback in the stock witnessed Friday should offer a buying opportunity for investors seeking a piece of this stock. There are a lot of indications that Fortinet Inc (NASDAQ:FTNT) has laid good grounds for its long term profitability and this is something that makes the stock a good hold for the patient investors. So basically, it should cool nerves that there are no pervasive issues connected to the CFO exit and moreover, the stock has just climbed down for more investors to buy the profit ticket.

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