Tomahawk, WI 8/08/2013 (Basicsmedia) – Frontier Communications Corp (NASDAQ:FTR) is a communications company, plain and simple. It was founded in 1997, and has its headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.  It did not always go by this name, but changed it from Citizens Communications Company, in 2008. The company provides its communications solutions to its clients mostly in the U.S. With that out of the way, from the investor’s perspective, it is good to point out that this company has been performing well, as I’ll show here.

Latest FTR Financial Results

A look at FTR’s latest financial results will reveal a very interesting picture. The company has outperformed what analysts and industry experts had forecasted in many aspects. Let’s start with the earnings per share, where the company reported EPS of $0.06 which was much lower than what was declared last year, $0.08. The revenue which the company reported this year, was $1.19 billion, which is much lower by about 5.42% compared to what was published last year. But these figures were still much better compared with what analysts had estimated.

There aren’t many companies out there which perform or outperform what analysts had expected. It’s worth noting that analysts don’t just come up with figures and numbers right out of the sky. These are figures which are arrived at after careful consideration, where different factors are examined more closely than they would have been otherwise. Therefore, for a company of FTR’s caliber to outperform these estimates is a good sign, and means that they did one or two things right hence performing much better, or equal to what analysts had estimated.


FTR’s quarterly revenue, courtesy of

What Has Contributed to FTR’s Good Performance?

There are a few factors which could be cited as being responsible for the good performance reported by FTR in its latest financial results. The company foresaw a period where there were close to 29,500 higher net broadband additions in 2013. When you add the strong momentum which the company experienced in the second quarter of 2013, then it becomes clear that these were only two factors which led to the good show which the company experienced this year.

The company paid special focus on improving its business as a whole, while working on the retention of residential customers and metrics. These were factors which played a major role in helping the company achieve its goal of enjoying a solid performance thus far in 2013. Things would have been quite different from what was eventually reported if some of these factors hadn’t been put in place by the company and its employees, around 14,400 working full time.

FTR is quite sold on managing its expenses and putting them at a level which is not out of the firm’s reach. As long as these efforts are increased manifold, I’m of the opinion that investing in FTR should not offer anyone a reason to get worried. The improved cash flow levels are also a further indication of the fact that the company is gradually working its way towards financial health and this is good news for any investor. I expect the good times to continue with FTR.

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