Tomahawk, WI 07/07/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Since 1960’s the giant Plessis – Gassot, French landfill has turned out to be a dumping ground for millions of tones of wastes and refuses by the Parisians. General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) feels that the accumulated waste is now a boon for generating energy. France’s renewable energy production will result in rise of the graph, numerous times owing to the trash that has been collected, playing a bright role in France’s renewable energy production.

Landfill power plant’s output

Biogas containing methane will be useful to fuel the landfill power plant with enough of energy source. The electricity generated by this methane rich biogas is expected to supply power for more than 40, 000 residence of French.

Heating requirement fulfilled along with electricity

The landfill plant also generates a high amount of heat and this heat is used to provide the heat to the nearby areas of Plessis – Gassot. Moreover, Plessis – Gassot is the first district in French municipality with a district heating system which is fuelled by the landfill plant’s liberated heat. The positive outcome from this new technology is that the French schools, churches, community halls, town halls and residents as well will witness a drop of about 92% in their total previous heating bills.

Contracts and its returns

A 15 year contract has been signed to provide the energy back to the grid at an alarming rate of € 0.1 which accounts to $ 0.14 per Kilo Watt Hour. The rate of energy is exceeding in nature because of the property of waste and trash from the landfill is being utilized to generate a power and being a form of renewable energy. Also the problems and hazards of eliminating the trash decreases considerably.

Bottom line

The managing director of Clarke energy system has favored the decision of General electric company (NYSE:GE) of providing both energy and as well as making use of liberated heat. The French Plessis – Gassot power plant uses 10 advanced Jenbacher gas engines as a prime mover in the generation of heat of and electricity.

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