Tomahawk, WI 07/18/2014 (Basicsmedia) – General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) being honored for its health care product namely Flutemetamol. Flutemetamol commonly referred to as 18F has proved to be of a diagnostic value in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. In the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, the diagnostic stage of of importance where the disorder has to be predicted. GE’s 18F Flutemetamol when used for PET scans is much of an importance in prediction of mild amnesic cognitive impairment which later migrates to even more disastrous state called Alzheimer’s disease.

First Study

A number which accounted to 20% of the total number of patients showed changes after diagnosis which is a positive change. Brain scanned using Flutemetamol in PET seems to be an efficient predictor of amnesic impairment to transform into a fatal Alzheimer’s disease.  The probability of a patient being prone to Alzheimer’s disease can be detected at very early stage and the possibility of it occurring can be eliminated.

Second study

Results from another study demonstrated the diagnostic value of 18F Flutemetamol in detecting the presence of neutric amloid in the patients who are suffering from early dementia. Flutemetamol is the company’s product that is used as investigational as well as radio pharmaceutical product. The product is used in calculating the plague density of brain in the adult patients through PET imaging or mapping.

What experts have to say regarding 18F Flutemetamol?

The chief technology officer, Dr. Ger Brophy said that the collective data from the PET scans while incorporating 18F Flutemetamol can help physicians to diagnosis the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. General Electric Company (NYSE:GE)’s product helps the scrutinized check of the patient’s brain scans for the detection and hence can be treated at the early stage itself. This helps to minimize natural contradictions from delayed detection or prediction and acts as a precautionary measure towards Alzheimer’s disease. .

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