Tomahawk, WI 11/08/2013 (BasicsMedia) – General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) which operates as an infrastructure and financial service company is reporting sustainable strengths in multiple a clear sign of what to expect in the coming days in the market. Increase in stock prices has been accompanied by a good return on equity over the past year. Each of its six industrial segments reported growth in equipment and service orders with only health care services posting slight decline. General Electric power and Water segment posted exceedingly increased orders than expected with the segment being the company’s Achiles ‘heel’ this year. This segment is expected to post even better results for the fourth quarter sure to surpass Q4 guidance

 Genetic electric key areas that contributed to the good earnings for the third quarters include: Commercial aviation, US home appliance, Emerging market health and Global transportation. Commercial aviation posted revenue growth of 12% in the past quarter with a clear distinction between Commercial and Military aviation. The only drawback in this segment was a decline of 30% for military orders as investors shift attention to commercial aviation.GE saw house hold appliances within the home and business segment surge by 11% an indication of ongoing strength in the industry. Genetic has also seen its developed markets grow by 1% an indication that it is set to continue enjoying sustainable income. Its emerging markets were also not left behind as it grew by a high of 14% with China contributing immensely to the growing pattern.

 The US market has not been doing well for Genetic Electric as it has continued to stagnate consistently. In 2002 the US market contributed 65% of the total revenue which declined to 48% as of last year. This has been precipitated by the d shrinking capital unit. This seems to be changing as in the past quarters the home markets have picked up by a high of 20%. GE home markets continue to stagnate as they only grew by 0.2% from 18.6% to 18.8% in terms of overall sales. The Pacific and Middles east are the only regions showing signs of immense growth with an annual growth rate of 8%. GE leadership has now shifted its attention to the nontraditional markets that are showing signs of growth. China continues to offer greater opportunities despite providing harsh operating environment. Working hard and establishing a foot print in these areas should do more than enough in boosting the company’s fortunes in terms of net income in years to come. America has been picking up steam for Genetic Electric as a result of record oil and natural gas production; this has solely presented lots of opportunities for GE as well as for investors.

General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) in other news has agreed to sell its Overland Park based air filtration which commands annual revenues of $230 million for $265 million to Clarcor Inc. The business is a leader in the supply of air filtration systems and filters mainly used in gas turbine generators. The deal is to be fully finalized as of the end of the year subject to approval by regulators.

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