Tomahawk, WI 07/28/2014 (Basicsmedia) – General Motor Company (NYSE:GM) attained freedom from the clutches of The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on the review of the vehicles manufactured by the company.  One among the two included the Saturn Outlook which was a 2007 model and the other consisted of GMC Acadia. The NHTSA has closed its review on the vehicles this Friday, as reported by the federal safety reporter.

Complaint on SUVs Segment for Faulty Headlamps

General Motor Company (NYSE:GM) earlier had received a complaint which numbered 473 for a defective headlamp. These numerous complaint supposed to affect a whooping 248, 453 vehicles, which constituted to be from the SUVs segment. The numbers are huge affecting the revenue flow for the company. The NHTSA ruled out this petition which favored GM.

Reason to bring petition in favor for GM

 The reason for NHTSA to privilege General Motor Company (NYSE:GM) with freedom from the consumer complaint was because the research showed that a faulty headlamp is insufficient to sue a company in terms of the safety risk. The federal authorities of NHTSA found this to be of very less significance in the destruction of safety because of a faulty headlamp. In spite of this being a minor error, the numbers are huge but the practicabilities were looked into to the over look the report. Thus, the review of customer’s petition came to an end.

Improvement in the pace of recalling

General Motor Company (NYSE:GM) has accelerated the pace of recalls for the vehicles models on which the faults have been discovered. The company now faces charge of multiple investigations because of slowness of recall of 2.59 million vehicles for its ignition flaw. The issue with ignition has reported to be the cause for 13 deaths across the United States.  Investigations are still under process to find out the root cause for the delay in recalling the vehicles by GM which took almost a decade. This investigation is being carried out by the congress and the U.S. Justice Department.

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