Tomahawk, WI 8/05/2013 (Basicsmedia) – General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) is performing quite impressively and continues to attract huge interest from investors, both within and outside the U.S. Recently, GM posted its latest financial results which clearly indicated that the company beat all projected earnings and revenue by quite some margin. Its latest financial results show that the company posted profits, and this ought to please all investors tremendously. The company successfully outperformed what the best of Wall Street experts and analysts had projected. It is quite astonishing that only last year, 2012, GM was almost going bankrupt and things are quite different now.

Factors Responsible for GM’s Change of Fortune

Americans had feared the worst for GM when it was one of the companies which were seriously affected by the financial meltdown which occurred worldwide. None other than the U.S president decided to bail GM out and offer it a way out of its problems. One factor which works to its favor is the fact that the company has the goodwill of most Americans who are impressed by its continued endeavor to do nothing other than what is right. This is a factor which is shared not only by clients, but also amongst GM employees as well. Its approval rating among its employees is way above 60%.

GM is mostly known for its four major models or brands, which include Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC. When you take a look at the April sales for these models, you will notice that each of them achieved positive increase. Chevrolet enjoyed 11% increase, compared to 34% by Cadillac, and 11% by Buick, as well as 7% by GMC. Moreover, the company is actively pursuing a strong showing in emerging markets such as Brazil, India and China. GM also gives its investors the image of a company which has full confidence in its future prospects by constantly endeavoring to come up with new cars. It is worth mentioning that GM’s market share has increased by 0.02% and has settled at around 11.4%.


Figure showing GM’s core brands. Image courtesy of

Where most companies focus on growth, with the belief that this is all that they need in order to achieve remarkable and significant profits, GM has employed something extra as well. GM understands that reducing its costs of operation in Europe is one of the things it has to actively pursue if it intends to maintain its impressive levels thus far. Why does GM need to focus on the European market? This is because the company understands that Europe is a very important market, and that it received more than 17.6% of its revenue from this market. Reducing costs is crucial to its healthy financial status.

If you ever needed one reason to convince you that GM has a very healthy outlook financially, hence being profitable for its investors, you would need to understand that it is already on Goldman Sachs Hedge fund VIP list. No company would be included in this list unless it was considered to be doing very well and outperforming most projections. This is as good a reason as any other which you could come up with any day, for any other company out there. Therefore, in conclusion, let me say that investing in GM is wise, worthy and quite rewarding.

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