Tomahawk, WI 01/06/2014 (BasicsMedia) – General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) just announced that they are done with holding monthly sales conference calls. And because of that, as always, investors show know how this impacts them, if indeed it does. Everyone knows that General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) has a lot of wars to fight.

The company is keen to repair it image following the negative coverage it received as long as it remained under the Fed bailout. That bailout debt has been paid, but its ghost still hangs around. General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) is also having the challenge of countering competition both domestically and internationally.

Although the company remains in the lead in overall performance, it is under increasing pressure from competitors. Also, the company is bogged down by high operating cost and declining sales in region which it once dominated.

It is obvious that the perpetual media scrutiny of the company’s sales performance ends up in a lot of pressure for the executives. This means that sometimes the company is compelled to bow to pressure whose end impact might not be favorable for long-term gains. In think it is in doing away with this perpetual pressure that has made the company to drop its monthly sales conference call.

By doing this the management will be able to focus on the more important issues for the companies grow rather than figure out how to impress the public. In other words, investors should be happy that the company will no longer have to make decisions based on media scrutiny, but rather long-term growth.

Abandoning monthly sales conference is something that many companies are doing these days as it becomes clear that management cannot satisfy perpetual media scrutiny. Among the U.S automakers, Chrysler was the first to do away with monthly conference in 2009. It is only Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) among the top three automakers that is will continue with the arrangement.

That General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) has ended its monthly session with media and analysts to discuss sales doesn’t mean that investors will be starved of crucial investment information. The company has said that it will continue its quarterly earnings calls, and more importantly, the company promised that it will continue its media interaction which basically means that investors will still have access to the latest information about the company’s sales progress on which their can base their financial positions in the stock.

Change of guard

The latest developments at General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) reveal that the company is up for a new order. First it came as surprise to many when the company announced Marry Barra as its incoming CEO. Since this announcement, the company has promised a lot of tweaks in its operations which include new investment approach in China and exit of Australia manufacturing.

The company has also promised adjustment of its vehicle platforms to appeal to a wider global market. All these are expected to add to its revenue and improve profits.

Bottom line

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) requires some peace of mind to put its act together. Investors will obviously benefit from the ending of the monthly sales talks. This is because executives will focus more on how to bring value to the stock.

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