Tomahawk, WI 09/03/2014 (Basicsmedia) – The push for smart technology embedded in automobiles continues to gain momentum with General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) reportedly planning to install eye tracking technology in cars according to CNBC’s Phil Lebeau.

The new technology is reported to have the capability of tracking driver’s eye movement as one of the measures that is to be used to ensure keenness while people are driving. Lebeau reports that General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) has entered into an agreement with Canberra-based, Seeing Machines that will see the realization of the technology in cars.

“We are going to see not just General Motors but really all every automakers get into this space we are already seeing suppliers there,” said Mr. Lebeau.

The new technology will see the fitting of cameras in cars that will be used to track driver’s head and eyes movement.General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) plans to use the technology to avert any accidents that may be’ caused by unnecessary distractions according to Mr. Lebeau

The new technology will be able to measure driver’s head rotation, as well as movements of the eyes. Alerts will be’ issued if a driver is not paying attention as a result of possible distractions.

“Almost every supplier that I have talked to over the last couple, of months has said this is the hot area. We are all going in this direction in the auto industry where Seeing machine is at. You are going to see other tech firms headed in that direction and the suppliers are quickly trying to find those companies that have that new technology that will work not only when it comes to averting distractive driving but also things like automated driving in the Future,” said Mr. Lebeau

Driver distraction looks set to be a thing of the past if some of the proposed intervention are to be implemented’ in the coming future. Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia is reportedly developing a new system that will be used to solve driver distractions by using brain waves to start the car engine and keep it moving.

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