Tomahawk, WI 03/20/2014 (Basicsmedia) – It takes a lot of nerve to head an all male dominated governance structure in the auto-industry but General Motors Inc (NASDAQ:GM)’s CEO , Marry Bara, proved her worth for the spot by her courageous Chevrolet recall a decade later than the killer ignition started to cause mess on roads across the globe. Now it seems her training at General Motors own engineering institute has come in handy to meet and beat such turmoil. The company she heads surely has a nerve to surpass challenges to its goodwill and existence come what may.

BailOut, Recovery….

From the humble resurrections of $50 billion state lead bail outs to recurrent recalls of distinct product lines the company has managed to bank huge profitability and it now looks at a prosperous growth by banking on innovation. There have been recurrent runs of profitability starting end of 2009 as the company stumbled and grew progressively. However, it has its biggest ever challenge up its sleeves, now!

The Chevrolet recall investigations are on and as Totyota Motor Corp (ADR) (NASDAQ:TM) was served a $1.2 billion penalty order chances are General Motors will still meet the same fate.

Toyota Pays $1.2 Billion and Chances are So Would GM

The US Attorney for New York Southern District, Pete Bharara had a harsh warning to deliver to the automakers in general while he commented on the Toyota case saying, it was a “misguided and ill-advised” attempt fro “crises management”. Pete never mentioned General Motors name but chances are that the prognosis could be worse for the Chevrolet maker as it faces a triple action investigation plan. General Motors Inc (NASDAQ:GM) is facing two probes from congressional committees, and will also bear an additional brunt from the justice department probe and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Authority lead investigation.

Pro-activity at its Peak As Marry Bara Goes On With Work As Usual

The GM lady took that took it upon her to recall the cars on moral and ethical grounds even when she knew it could ruin her company’s repute, is up for the task of a crises management again. Her approach is exactly opposite to Toyota’s explicit approach i.e. dis-information to protect brand. Not only did Bara proactively recall the brands also did she launch internal investigation and recently she has also, hired Jeff Boyer as the new chief safety officer. While the luck goes against her company she seems determined to turn the tables on it. Let’s see how it goes from here, the stock price of General Motors Inc (NASDAQ:GM) has been declining so far after the recall news first hit the screeners across the globe.

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