Tomahawk, WI 9/24/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has rarely put its foot wrong in the products it has introduced in the market in the last five years or so. Whereas in the past it was more focused on tweaking its iOS slightly with each newer version, it has never taken a drastic decision such as the one it took in coming up with the iOS 7. Not only that, but the sales figures indicate that the company is not doping so badly as had been originally feared. There had been too much apprehension with many analysts saying that the company would not post figures worth reporting. Can this be sustained?

 iOS 7 Installed in 200 devices

 Apple’s iOS 7 is already being used in more than 200 million devices. Immediately the new OS was introduced, people had started  complaining a lot of the difficulties they had in upgrading to the iOS 7. However, once the difficulties they faced had been addressed, the reports have been quite pleasant. This is further proof of AAPL’s ability to churn products which the market gobbles up massively. When AAPL carried out a similar exercise in 2012 when it introduced a new version of its OS, 100 million users upgraded. This year’s figures are twice last year’s.

 The good news regarding AAPL’s new products does not end with its iOS 7. The company has also introduced iPhone 5C and 5S. The company has succeeded in selling close to 9 million of these new phones during the launch weekend only. What this means is that the company’s financials heading into December 2013 look very good. This has also led to an increase in the AAPL shares by close to 4% at the end of Monday this week. A closer look at these numbers indicate that 1.05% of all iPhones used in the U.S, are the newly introduced iPhone 5S models.

 The U.S Remains Apple’s Biggest Market

The U.S market appears to be the main driver of the new figures which AAPL is reporting regarding its iPhone 5C and 5S models. Close to 0.31% of all iPhones in use in the U.S are the iPhone 5C models. The popularity of the 5S gadget is three times higher than that of the 5C model. While the iPhone 5C is not the newest model, the 5S is and this explains why the numbers appear to favor the latter as compared to the former. On the international front, the trend has been maintained similar to what is happening in the U.S, with 5S doing better than 5C.

 If there is one downside to these impressive reports, it has to be the fact that the U.S appears to be still enjoying its status as AAPL’s biggest market. The company will need to find a way of penetrating the international market as well. This may call for a look at ways of adjusting the prices of its models so that they can be afforded by many around the world. It may be impossible to reduce the rates to what people pay for the cheaper alternatives made elsewhere, especially from Asia. In the meantime, AAPL has done very well once again.

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