GoogleGlassTomahawk, WI 3/28/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) plans to assemble its highly sought after Google Glass technology here in the United States with the help of Taiwan’s manufacturing powerhouse Foxconn (PINK: FXCNY), according to The Financial Times. Reportedly, the assembly plant will be based in Santa Clara, CA — not far from Google headquarters — and employ U.S.-based employees.

While that sounds like a big score for American workers, Google will continue to source many of the components for Google Glass from Asia.

James Altucher, managing director of Formula Capital, says this is a “very smart” idea.

“Once you send your technology and your intellectual property oversees, who knows what is going to happen with it,” he says. “I’m not accusing China of anything, but China steals everything. So Google is being very smart – they are going to micromanage the development of these glasses.”

Beyond that, Google will also be able to micromanage the working conditions at its plant. For years, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has come under fire for horrible working conditions at its Foxconn iPhone manufacturing facility in China. This is a brilliant public relations move, says Altucher.

If Google does in fact build its first piece of wearable technology here in America, it would make it the second U.S.-based tech company to do so. Apple also has announced plans to build a Mac computer in the U.S.

Altucher, a programmer, author, and entrepreneur, did enter Google’s contest to win the opportunity to buy a pair of the glasses at the hefty price of $1,500, but lost. While he does not own shares in Google, he does think it’s a great investment.

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