Tomahawk, WI 01/20/2014 (BasicsMedia) – Internet giant Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has just finalized its investment of $75 million into its now second wind farm in the same state in the United States of America, as the technology behemoth plans to further its research to harness wind energy as part of its green energy efforts.

The farm, internally codenamed Panhandle 2, is located in Carson County outside of Amarillo in the state of Texas and will get a project churning out about 182 megawatts. The project will be constructed in accordance with Google’s 400-megawatt Panhandle Wind development effort, with commercial operations slated to commence around the end of 2014.

Google’s interests in renewable technology

The Carson County farm will be Google’s 15th investment into its renewable energy commitments as also its second in the state of Texas, the first being the Spinning Spur wind farm in the Oldham County in Texas located about 35 miles away from Panhandle 2 with an approximate $200 million funding. The Spinning Spur farm began operations in the latter half of 2012 and produces about 161 megawatts of power. With Panhandle 2, Google plans to generate wind power to support at least 56,000 American homes.

The renewable energy focus of Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has multiple implications for its current technology empire. For example, Google’s data centers will be powered off clean energy resources. Data centers are deemed as the future of the computing and collateral transactions world. The search giant has also been buying extra power from external sources as it builds more data centers to run its technology empire. With groundbreaking research in numerous technology segments, Google, with over $1 billion in investment for wind and solar projects, currently produces over 2 gigawatts of power.

Google’s ongoing technology commitment and future

As is well known, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has been pioneering technology research for quite some time now, with a view to infusing technology into major walks of life such as healthcare. Google’s funding into alternative energy resources has been enormous since 2010, as it sees potential in the sector, envisaging that these investments are quintessential for profitability as time progresses. Google feels eco-friendly energy and clean power would see huge demands due to environmental hazards caused by fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum products.

With the wearable technology segment, another arena spawning major Google offspring, estimated to grow in the range of $10 billion to $50 billion in the next few years, Google has extensive plans to deploy wearable gadgetry for common use and collaborate with firms to sell them worldwide. With an estimated 1 billion customer base worldwide, Google will look forward to establishing itself as an indomitable leader in this industry segment key to mankind’s future.

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