Tomahawk, WI 11/01/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s revenue of $14.89 billion it collected during the third quarter of 2013 is one more proof that the company is still competitive, and financially stable. The truth is that the quarterly results were beyond what the rest of Wall Street was expecting. In short, GOOG outperformed analysts’ estimates for this current quarter, and this has been the trend for quite a while now. The main factor that helped GOOG achieve the results is its decision to widen its mobile business. The decision has borne fruits for GOOG, and the trend will continue.

Companies operating in competitive fields such as the tech industry need to demonstrate their ability to make sound decisions. Fortunately, GOOG has benefited from its decision to expand its investments in the mobile side of business. The first time GOOG announced that its focus would be more towards improving its performance in relation to the mobile business, most analysts, as well as industry experts laughed hard and long. GOOG has proven that it was right all along by consistently reporting earnings in all its quarterly results for a long time now.

Google Inc Reduces Ad Sales Slide

Secondly, GOOG has benefited from its decision to check the slide that threatened its ad sales. It is not the only company to be affected by a slump in ad sales. Most tech firms have reported similar scenarios where their sales from advertisements are far from what they expected. GOOG has done well for choosing not to give up in the face of a very trying moment. The company has reaped big from its Internet business, with revenue in this segment rising by 23% from a similar period a year ago, thus settling at $10.8 billion. GOOG has grown its revenues across all sectors.

Normally, advertising rates on PCs are among the highest. However, tech firms must look for new ways of making up for this shortfall. Why should they do this? There is no doubt that most consumers are accessing the Internet through Smartphones and tablets. All over the world, more consumers are accessing Internet through these gadgets and not through PCs. Therefore, it is only natural that ad sales will suffer a huge slump. Google Inc, Facebook Inc, and Yahoo Inc are among the major tech firms that report dwindling ad sales in the last one year.

Google Inc Reports Improved Third Quarter Sales

GOOG’s net earnings improved during this year’s third quarter compared to 2012. While last year the company earned $2.18 billion during the third year, the amount has shot up to $2.97 billion during the same period in 2013. Its consolidated revenue in 2013 is $14.89 billion that compares favorably to the $14.79 billion it collected during the same period in 2012. However, if there is one segment that GOOG has not made a lot of money from it is Motorola, which continues to make losses. During this third quarter, Motorola’s losses amounted to $248 million.

Google Inc’s financial position is not under any threat. The company is the largest Internet search firm in the whole world.

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