Tomahawk, WI 01/23/2014 (BasicsMedia) – If there is one thing that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) does better than its peers, it is its diversification. It continually tries its hands in businesses and industries that you could never link it with and lately, the company has opted to add Nest Labs, into its list of acquisitions, after paying $3.2 billion. Nest Labs is a top manufacturer of smoke detectors as well as thermostats, and in a sense, it means that GOOG is prepared to venture into home improvement. You need to appreciate the fact that this is the largest acquisition by GOOG, second only to that of Motorola.

Google’s Acquisition of Nest Labs

GOOG seeks to have a presence in everything in the home, and not restrict itself to computers and phones only. Although search engine remains its flagship area of operation, it is no secret that Google Inc seeks to entrench itself into the day-to-day activities undertaken in the house. The reason it has opted to invest in the smoke detectors and thermostats industry through its acquisition of Nest Labs is because of a unique component. This component learns human behavior and calculates what it thinks is the most appropriate temperature at any given moment.

The technology behind the new thermostats and smoke detectors that Nest Labs developed will help Google Inc in the long run. It falls right within the emergence of machines, which are used to learn and adapt to human behavior thus making life much better for everyone. This is part of GOOG’s long-lasting goal of bettering the quality of life, which drives its decision to invest in the numerous sectors as it has done up to this moment. Moreover, this latest acquisition fits right inside Google’s bigger picture of improving the internet usage by offering wide-ranging services.

Google seems to have developed a knack for identifying winners in matters to do with technology. Not only has the company invested in healthcare, but also it has opted to go into home improvement with its acquisition of Nest Labs. Google has also opted to go into the field of electric cars, in addition to many more products, that increase its value to investors. Its numerous investments are designed to give investors more confidence in the company’s stock. It now has the capacity to attract more investors due to its aggressive diversification policy.

Why Nest Labs Smoke Detectors are Perfect for Home Improvement

Nest Labs smoke detectors also act as carbon monoxide detector. When you feel that the smoke is not dangerous, and is only the result of burnt food, you only need to wave your hands around the smoke detector to reassure it that all is well. This makes it more effective than the other types of smoke detectors that would blast off and raise alarm whenever they sniff what they perceive to be smoke. However, in case of fires, the detector will raise the alarm, much in the same way with what you get from the usual types of smoke detectors.

As Google Inc keeps improving and increasing its investment portfolio, investors and shareholders will be the biggest beneficiaries.

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