Tomahawk, WI 10/18/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has demonstrated that it is a hugely profitable company. GOOG has the knack of doing well all the time and this has been demonstrated more than once every time it announces its quarterly financial results. The company’s profits for the quarter ending September 30 have just been announced, and remarkably, GOOG posted profits of $2.97 billion in a three-month period. This is quite massive even for a leading global brand, bearing in mind the fact that GOOG is ranked as the second largest brand in the world, behind Apple Inc.

Google Inc Earns Close to $3 Billion in Profits

GOOG nearly hit the $3 billion mark in profits alone for the quarter ended September 30, 2013. It has demonstrated that it can achieve this goal. I fully trust that with a few adjustments and further cost cutting measures, GOOG will succeed to post more than $3 billion as profits in a single quarter. More than that is the fact that GOOG’s revenue for the period ending September 30 is $14.89 billion. The revenue that GOOG posted for this latest quarter shows it has increased by 12% from the amount that the company posted in the same quarter of 2012.

Google Inc’s profits in this quarter have risen by around 22% from what the company released during the same quarter in 2013. This follows a growing trend in GOOG’s financial results. Its quarterly results indicate that the company is growing and doing quite well in this arena. These latest results tell us that GOOG beat all the expectations of Wall Street analysts, including my own. Nevertheless, the figures also indicate that the company still has a lot of work when it comes to mobile advertising. It is not doing as well as Facebook, its major competitor.

Google Inc Facing Dwindling Mobile Ads

GOOG’s numbers can be quite good if it succeeds in pacing a lot of focus on mobile advertising. Its struggle is mostly to do with cost per click. It seems that fewer advertisers are willing to pay for consumer clicks on their ads. This figure continues to fall on a regular basis. I believe that GOOG can compensate for this by redoubling its efforts in emerging markets. Its long-term results will be messed up if it does not pay close attention to mobile advertisements. As the company moves into video programming and digital music, the prospects are quite good.

GOOG’s struggle with advertisers is an industry-wide phenomenon. This is not something that is limited only to GOOG. Advertisers are less convinced that they should continue paying the same rates for mobile advertisements like they have always done on other platforms. More purchases are being made through PCs than mobile gadgets. Therefore, advertisers are less convinced that they should pay same amounts for mobile ads. The decrease is around 8% from the previous figures and this is of great concern to industry experts, not just to GOOG as a global brand.

Overall, there are many positives with GOOG’s third quarter financial results. The company did well as can be seen through its latest financial results.

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