Tomahawk, WI 9/30/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is always on the news for some of its most amazing products which are created with the user in mind. The company has diversified into many other fields and industries in the last few years, some of which would never have been associated with GOOG in the past. However, it now seeks to improve the experience of its core source of fame, the search engine users. It has embarked on this project at a time when the company is celebrating its fifteenth year, and targets the online marketing lovers, who may have felt neglected in the past.

 GOOG Innovation Remains Admirable

 If there is one thing worth admiring in GOOG is its ability to be on the innovative mode constantly. GOOG appreciates the role played by SEO in this era of vibrant online marketing. In the past, one would only be required to sign in to their Google accounts and embark on these activities. However, this has somewhat changed in the fact that people embarking on online marketing can now HTTPS instead of their Google accounts only. But this development has now made it harder for people to track other users using the keyword they used in the search engine.

 The real advantage of this new move by GOOG appears to be aimed at helping start-ups. There is no longer a reason why you must fight hard to get into GOOG’s first page. A number of customers have complained in the past that the former fixation on being ranked on the first page by GOOG meant owners of websites were more focused on publishing or posting information on their sites which were likely to be accepted by Google as opposed top focusing on including what the customers really want to read and see. Sites were not designed to please customers.

 GOOG Excites the Industry

 This move by GOOG is destined to cause a lot of excitement in the industry. This is due to GOOG’s dominance of the search engine industry, where it owns up to a third of the market share. Other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing are now likely to follow suit and this could end up creating a tectonic shift in how people have known and used SEO techniques in the past. The company is already on its way towards increasing its presence in this industry seeing that this is where it first made a name. It is a brand name which is not resting on its laurels.

 The market will respond negatively since this is not something that they were expecting to hear from GOOG. There might be an initial period when the SEO experts resist the new move, but in the long run, I see them toeing the line and embracing this new method to help them with online marketing. I still think it might be wise for GOOG to take the views and concerns of online marketers into consideration moving forward, especially if it wants to succeed with this new feature. Otherwise, other search engines may just opt not to follow this path.

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