Tomahawk, WI 10/15/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Ingress is one of Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s most popular reality games. It is already quite popular in most of GOOG’s Android gadgets. This new game, Ingress, will be the latest addition to Apple’s ever expanding gaming features. Currently, almost all lovers of Ingress are Android users, and they happen to be quite passionate as well. The lovers of Ingress are still quite small compared to other reality games in the market. However, if the two firms successfully oversee its integration in Apple’s mobile operating system, its support base will soar through the roof.

 Google Inc’s Ingress Is More Than a Game

 Ingress’ description is that it is more than a game. It is quite addictive as those who have played it found out. Several investors have raised concerns regarding the safety of this popular game from GOOG with some people suggesting that it will be exploited for data collection. This reality game has been with us since 2012 when it was launched in November. This is yet another masterpiece from GOOG and the fact that it is set for addition into the Apple’s mobile operating system is indicative of how much potential it has in addition to its viability and popularity.

 Ingress to Help Google Improve Its Revenues from Games

 The gaming industry has been on a steady path of growth in many aspects. The introduction of Ingress into Apple’s iOS will add a new dimension to this industry. If the launch is as successful as I expect it to be, it will help bring in more revenue to Apple and GOOG. Thus far, Ingress has enjoyed more than 1 million activations and this figure will increase exponentially once it is integrated into iOS. The hundreds of players, who use Ingress every month, will double, treble, or multiply many times over. Ingress has the potential to attract a million players every month.

More than one player often plays Ingress at a time, and they are located in different corners of the world. Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads are already in the hands of millions of users globally. GOOG intends to capture this market when it integrates Ingress into these Apple products as from 2014. The Apple market cannot be neglected any longer. GOOG and other firms must focus on ways of getting the best out of Apple’s iOS, and Ingress as well as other popular games present one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal.

Google’s Ingress Is Popular Because it is Real

Ingress’ popularity hinges on the fact that it does not use abstract landmarks and locations. Whatever you see while playing the game is what exists in real life. You can play it as one of The Enlightened or as part of The Renaissance team. I believe that this is a strategic move on GOOG’s part and once the game is available on gadgets that use iOS, money will start flowing. I assume that the company will earn some money out of this venture with Apple. Knowing GOOG the way I do, I would not be too shocked if it decides to offer Ingress on iOS at no cost.

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