Tomahawk, WI 10/25/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Internet users around the globe have been impressed by the decision by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) to introduce a new service to encourage government censorship. Websites all over the world are affected by cyber attacks, which are too common nowadays and cause a lot of unease among web masters and users alike. I think the two new services from GOOG will prove to be a major hit by users all over the world. Lovers of the Internet, and not just Google users, around the world are often forced to watch how they use online services for fear of their governments.

Google Inc to Provide Internet Users With Protection

Governments around the globe often get the blame for their strict censorship policies. However, GOOG hopes to arm its users with uProxy, a tool that will allow them to find ways of bypassing any censorship activities instituted by their respective governments. The tool will help Internet users around the world to avoid any surveillance activities put in place by their respective governments on how they use the Internet to stay in touch globally. The software is undergoing tests before users of Google Chrome and Firefox are first allowed to use it, but not IE.

Human rights groups around the world, as well as news organizations have often complained of numerous cyber attacks, which have increased in intensity in the recent days. However, GOOG intends to offer these groups and organizations protection against cyber attacks through its Project Shield. This software will allow free expression on the Internet without making websites vulnerable to cyber attacks, regardless of where they are located. Accompanying this tool is Google’s new map that indicates where cyber attacks tend to occur the most globally.

GOOG Starts Benefiting from Google Ideas

GOOG announced that these two new tools are the products of its Google Ideas, which operates mainly as a think-tank established by the company in 2010. The current head of Google Ideas is Jared Cohen, who is a one-time U.S State Department official. Google Ideas will get its chance of helping to promote U.S foreign policy all over the world, especially in the areas where government censorship and cyber attacks are the norm, and people feel that they cannot freely express their opinions on the Internet. I see the two tools growing in popularity around the world.

These two tools can help attract new customers to GOOG. Investors are taking a keener interest in Google, for this and many other reasons. The company is ranked as the third largest of all U.S companies, due to its strong financials and the fact that it is the most dominant force when it comes to online advertising, enjoying 41% of the market share. Google Inc is one of the most sought after stocks in the market. Its innovativeness is admired across the tech industry, and it is one of the most valuable stocks that any investor would not be wrong ion adding to his portfolio.

Anyone interested in investing in GOOG should go right ahead, since I do not see this company turning into a disappointment any time soon.

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