Tomahawk, WI 8/09/2013 (Basicsmedia) – Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. (NASDAQ:GMCR) was founded with the sole intention of providing its services which mostly relate to specialty coffee and coffeemaker business. Its services are offered in both the U.S and Canada, which it does from its headquarters in Waterbury, Vermont. The company whose ticker symbol is GMCR is known as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. But it recently announced its financial results in which the revenue it reported was much lower than what analysts had projected, thus causing many investors to show some concern and be apprehensive about it all.

Why You Should Buy GMCR Stock Right Now?

If you ever wanted to buy GMCR stock, then right now is the right time for you. This is because the stock price is quite low due to the recently announced financial results which were not at par with what analysts had predicted. This is the right time to invest since you can get stock at a much lower price than what you would ordinarily pay for them in any other time. The company has witnessed some measure of growth with its U.S business, while the many opportunities which are opening up for the company, are giving it the chance to increase its revenue.


This image, courtesy of, shows how GMCR has performed.

What Works in Favor of GMCR?

GMCR has a number of factors which are working to its favor. These factors are the ones which will probably be responsible for the upturn in the company’s fortunes going forward. One of the factors has to do with the presence of some 36 brands which are closely tied to GMCR. As these brands continue on their path of success, the results will be felt for much longer and this is good for business in many aspects. As its U.S business continues to grow positively, this effect will be felt in many other spheres as well, and this is a definite guarantee of success in the long term.

What Do The Numbers Tell Investors?

It is important to look at the financial results closely and examine them deeper to see if there is something we can learn about GMCR. First of all, the company reported an increase in its net income from $73.3 million last year, to $116.3 million in 2013. Analysts had expected the earnings to settle at $0.77, but what the company reported was $0.82 for every share held. The one area where GMCR failed to meet or surpass analyst estimates was in revenue, where they got $967.1 million, compared to the $981.1 million which had been forecasted by experts.

GMCR reported increase in revenue where the current figures stand at $967.1 million. This was an increase of around 11% compared with the figures which were released for a similar period last year, that is, inn 2012. While the quarterly sales may have dipped, this has been attributed to the 3% fall in Canada sales. The company has stated that it is looking forward to increase growth of around 13%-14% for the remainder of this year. If the growth sales can be maintained at between 11%-15%, this will translate to increased revenue ranging from $1.05 – $1.09 billion

If the data which the company has released in terms of what it expects for the remainder of the year can be achieved, I would advice investors to find a way of investing in this company’s stock.

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