Tomahawk, WI 02/18/2014 (BasicsMedia) – Greenlight Capital Re Ltd (NASDAQ:GLRE) has filed a case in court, to try and identify the person who leaked online its stake in Micron before they made the official announcement. Early disclosure according to Greenlight cost the investment firm money as other investment firms took advantage of the announcement to buy Micron shares thereby driving the stock prices even higher. The hedge fund firm intends to go all the way with the case as it seeks to get paid for damages as a result of the disclosure.

Greenlight Capital Re Ltd (NASDAQ:GLRE) being run by David Einhorn withheld information of its stake in Micron intentionally, in a bid of trying to accumulate more stake in the semiconductor company. Greenlight had planned to continue with the purchase of Micron shares of which the disclosure meant it could not continue with an earlier strategy, as micron stock prices skyrocketed afterwards.

The disclosure meant Greenlight Capital Re Ltd (NASDAQ:GLRE) had to pay more than expected for its stake in Micron as the share price increased by 3% from 18.92 to $19.46 immediately after the leakage. Seeking alpha website is purported to have aired the disclosure in its website of which they have completely refused to comment on the matter or identify the person who provided them with the poster. Amidst all the uncertainty and intrigues of the disclosure, Greenlight was able to take a stake of 23.02 million shares in Micron.

Micron technology rated “equal weight”

On a report issued on Monday, analysts at Morgan Stanley have reiterated an “equal weight” rating for Micron technology shares in the market. The rating seem to have underestimated the strength of cyclical upturn of the company due to the Wuxi Fire. The rating would essentially change if there was massive equipment movement in memory which has been slowing in the recent past.

 Analysts at TheStreet have also commented on the recent rating by reiterating a “Buy” rating for the company stock while analysts at JMP Securities have maintained a “market perform” . Micron technology has been rated as a “Sale” by four analysts firms with twelve having issued a “buy” rating.

Greenlight Capital Re Ltd (NASDAQ:GLRE) recent quarter earnings beat consensus estimates of $0.34 earnings per share by clocking in at $0.77 with revenue improving by 42% coming in at $4.0 billion against estimates of $3.7 billion.

A lot waits to be seen especially with the appointment off Satya Nadella who plans to improve the fortunes of the company’s mobile sector. Nadella has not suggested anything on the matter but only time will tell. Android app support will be beneficial as it will allow Microsoft to tap into the wide developer ecosystem that surpasses Windows apps

February 18, 2014 has been planned as the ex-dividend date for Microsoft shareholders who will be eligible for 28 cents per share earnings. The dividend yield stands at 3% compared to the average Dow yield of 2.7%

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) was unmoved on Monday trading session closing the day at $37.62 a slight improvement of 0.03%.

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