Tomahawk, WI 8/08/2013 (Basicsmedia) – Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN) used to be known as Inc before it changed its name to Groupon Inc in October 2008. The company was founded in the same year in which it changed its name to what it’s known today. The company can be defined as a local common market place where buyers and sellers meet on a daily basis to buy and sell merchandise. It mostly offers its services in North America though the international market is not left behind as well. There are investors constantly looking for safe investments, and this article seeks to whether GRPN is such.


Image, courtesy of, shows GRPN’s revenues in the last 4 years.

What Do Latest GRPN Financial Results Look Like?

If you love companies which declare profits, GRPN will be quite attractive to you. Not only did the company deliver profits, but it went further to meet Wall Street expectations, seeing that this is not an easy thing to do. It looks like more companies are unable to meet or come anywhere near the estimates of Wall Street experts, and for GRPN to do this, it is a good sign. The fact that it met these expectations while making a profit and not a loss, is quite sufficient in convincing any investor that this is the right sort of investment to buy going forward.

EPS decreased by around 75% to settle at $0.02 compared to the same period last year when it was at $0.08. On the other hand, revenue was $608 million and above, which is a huge increase of around 7.1% compared to what was reported last year. Wall Street analysts had expected to see revenue of around $606.23 million being reported by GRPN, thus showing that the company was able to meet and beat what industry experts had reported. This is good news for investors and shows that the company is in a good place at this moment, therefore, a safe bet.

GRPN Embraces New Technologies

The last figures which were reported by GRPN, indicated that it reached record levels which had never been seen before regarding its operations in North America. This too, is a sign of growth thus signifying remarkable improvements for the investors. In June 2013, GRPN reported that more than 50% of its business came from its online business, thus indicating that they were now able to report earnings and revenue from different quarters. The company has embarked on applying new methods of doing business and this is expected to continue for quite a while.

GRPN has reported a major upturn in its mobile traction. The company now enjoys seeing more than 50 million people from all over the world, downloading its apps and using them where necessary. GRPN also seems to be pleased with the performance of Eric Lefkofsky, whom it recently appointed as its CEO. It is under his leadership that the company has experienced some of the growths which have been reported in this article. This level of stability is something which we can also cite for the improved performance as there haven’t been too many battles in the boardroom, which would otherwise have led to not-so-pleasant financial results.

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