Just after the huge success of the film, “The Avengers”, Gwyneth has spread out her GOOP venture by providing fashion tacks on her lifestyle site. Her next GOOP empire would see fashion collaborations. The current era seems like you aren’t a celeb if you don’t do something in fashion and Kate Paltrow is the latest to offer her pretty pricey minimalistic wisdom to the masses.

She is giving her fans the opportunity to follow her stylish footsteps by adding red carpet fixture to her lifestyle website with the costumes and style pieces she has created in collaboration with 2 fashion companies, MiH Jeans and Kain Label.

She has been giving out advice on everything starting from herbal remedies to cooking through her online blog Goop.com and now the Hollywood actress is making a move into high end fashion world.

The limited edition pieces are MiH Jeans for Denim and Kain Label for Tee, which she has worn in the past. Through the site, she is working with Kain Label to design the perfect white T-shirt that costs above $90. The actress is also offering a pair of flared jeans worth $200.

The T-shirt is a modern take on the staple designed and inspired especially by tuxedo tailoring with additional grosgrain piping to the sides and shoulders, modernising this exclusive wardrobe staple.

The ultimate flared leg-lengthening pants will change naturally to become your own favourite faded worn-in over time. The wide leg jeans are the craftsmanship with MiH and available in a shade, which is exclusive to GOOP.

Her lifestyle website has received some derisive for high prices, like E Online; however, Paltrow seems to know what business she is catering to.

Website offers recommendations on recipes, clothing, products, hotels, restaurants, and many more under categories Go, Be, Make, Get, See, and Do. Paltrow is planning to extend her foray into cookbooks after defending her last year’s recipe book My Father’s Daughter against claims that she took help from other writers. The latest issue on Paltrow Goop’s features her cooking lesson with Chef Keith Rhodes and recipes for Tuna Tataki and Shrimp Ceviche.

She doesn’t give a damn to such issues and shows no signs of slowing, by teaming up with fashion companies in order to offer new, yet perfect product. Her goal is to come up with new item on the site every week.

If you are interested, you can buy both items, which are available in limited editions only in US.

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