Tomahawk, WI 06/03/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Hecla Mining Company (NYSE:HL) has featured lately as a stock with frequent ups and downs as the stock seems to surge up from its ‘low numbers’! It seems that the investors are pouring in and draining out quite simultaneously; however, as the company proudly announced about amassing historic third-highest quarterly revenues, in May, 2014 when it declared its Q1 financial results.

The Third Best Q1

If one talks about upheavals, Q1 was one such gem of a quarter that HL would mull on reiterating time and again! Sales surged to $125.8 million, increasing by 65% year-over-year! Net income was estimated at $11.5 million, at $0.03/share. Adjusted net income rose up to $4.9 million ($0.01/share). Operating cash flow almost tripled in Q1-2014, to $30.4 million, whereas adjusted EBITDA increased by 20% YoY!

Casa Berardi Forged A Watershed Quarter!

Hecla Mining Company (NYSE:HL) had net cash reserves of $208 million, dropping merely $4 million than Q1-2013. By-product credits upsurge for silver, marking a $3.83 hike per ounce; the net silver production estimated at 2.5 million ounces! Likewise, the company produced 46,238 ounces of gold, after by-product credits of $886/ounce of gold. Casa Berardi evolved as the best region to produce gold; it accounted for production of 31,259 ounces of gold.

Guidance Portrays Better Prospects

Backed by mighty growth in Q1-2014, HL declared astounding cash guidance for the quarter, estimates flying high to $6.50/silver ounce, at the company’s perspective. The board of directors, catering to the major strategic decision making at HL, conjectured providing cash dividend of $0.0025/share during each quarter, henceforth, as per a regulatory dividend policy! The company received a series of accolades, the most recent being the ‘Excellence in Hard-Rock-Mine Reclamation’ award in 2013, doled out by the Colorado Mine Land Reclamation Board.

CEO Brags And Boasts!

The CEO and President, Phillips S. Baker, Jr. brimming with confidence, articulated that Hecla’s financial results in Q1-2014 clearly depicted that the company can grow in a sustainable way. The Hecla Mining Company (NYSE:HL) notched up better cash flows, enhanced its net revenues and invoked substantial earnings, despite low prices drubbing round the corner!

The CEO pointed out that the company seeks to execute innumerable rewarding projects like Casa Berardi Optimization or Lucky Friday #4Shaft. In doing so, the company expects to protract growth opportunities and set newer benchmarks by guaranteeing share price rise!

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