Tomahawk, WI 10/30/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) is already looking forward to 2014. The company has been battered through poor performance in the PC sector. The dwindling sales of PCs worldwide have affected HPQ negatively for the past few years. HPQ is not the only company that has suffered from poor sales. Many other tech firms, especially those whose products are designed for PCs, have suffered from poor sales and financial results as well. The company ahs started planning for the future through introducing new and innovative products in the market.

HPQ Has Not Lost Its Position as a Market Leader

HPQ remains a market leader. The company is renowned for its products that are useful in the modern age. Businesses and major organizations as well as individuals use products developed by HPQ on a daily basis. However, it has announced that it seeks to introduce a 3D printer into the market. If it succeeds with this move, HPQ will be on its way towards addressing the deficit in terms of sales and revenue caused by the poor PC sales. I commend HPQ for this decision but not forgetting that it has never shied off from bringing new innovative products into the market.

For all of its sins, one thing that investors and analysts can never blame HPQ for is the failure to diversify. While it is true that HPQ has been heavily reliant on one product for sales and revenue, this has never restricted it from introducing new products. HPQ remains one of the most innovative tech firms in the market. The decision to introduce a 3D printer is proof of its high level of innovation. However, someone could still point to this printer and say that it shows HPQ is still reluctant to walk away from the personal computers and printers industry like it should.

HPQ Should Not Abandon the PC and Printer Industry, Yet

I believe HPQ should not walk away from the personal computers and printers industry just yet. The company only needs to make a few adjustments in its business model and focus on other areas as well, instead of being too reliant on PCs and printers for revenue and sales. HPQ will not be the first company to produce a 3D printer. However, it should have been the first long time ago. By entering the industry next year, it has to do a lot of work in order to win a significant share of the market, that will ensure its revenues and sales figures are worth writing home about.

Not all is lost for HPQ. It can still salvage the situation bearing in mind the fact that 3D printing industry is still at its infancy. Industrial based customers have used 3D printers for many years now, but through its new printer, HPQ hopes it will make printers that individuals and normal businesses can use. The 3D printing industry is currently valued at $3 billion, but this will double by the end of 2016. HPQ’s revenues fell by close to $7 billion in 2012, and the company will not do much better in 2013. However, from 2014, I expect HPQ to enjoy better fortunes.

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