Tomahawk, WI 10/30/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has enjoyed a good 2013 thus far. It released its next generation products such as iOS, as well as iPhone 5S and 5C in September 2013. The first weekend when it released the iPhone 5S and 5C, it reported that it sold more than 9 million units of these two products. It has announced the release of two new products in October 2013; the iPad Mini and iPad Air. This is quite surprising bearing in mind the fact that everyone thought AAPL was through with releasing new products for 2013, and would wait until 2014 for the next launch.

AAPL’s New Products Expected Sales

The area where the industry is interested in is how all the new products are performing in terms of sales. The two iPhone products have not enjoyed great sales as many expected. Whereas people complain that the iPhone 5C is not as cheap as is often imagined, the iPhone 5S has struggled with production problems. AAPL’s third quarter sales were much higher than its fourth quarter figures. The poor sales reported during the fourth quarter of 2013 has forced AAPL to adjust its expectations in terms of what it will earn as revenues and profits at the end of the year.

2013 Holiday Season Could Boost AAPL Product Sales

AAPL still has one more opportunity to boost its iPhone sales in 2013; the holiday season. A number of analysts expect AAPL’s iPhone sales to range between 51 million and 54 million during the holiday season. AAPL can achieve this sort of numbers because there is no doubt that its products are still the most popular all over the world. Additionally, I expect the company to resolve any production issues it has experienced with some of its new products. I expect AAPL to address any issue related to costs and prices of its products by the end of December.

Unconfirmed reports currently indicate that AAPL will increase the production of its new iPhone devices during the fourth quarter, much in the same way as it has done for quite some time now. It is never easy trying to get information such as iPhone sales from the company itself. One has to examine the data issued by other retailers to come up with such figures. Moreover, one needs to understand that iPhone 5S has outsold iPhone 5C, and this has come as a relative shock based on the fact that the latter is priced cheaper and was expected to sell more units.

AAPL Reports Stabilized Gross Margins

AAPL’s gross margins have stabilized. The company estimated that its September gross margins would be around 37%, and this is what eventually happened. The decision by AAPL to defer some of its revenue has affected the gross margins substantially as well. AAPL has not given up on China, which carries a lot of potential for this tech giant. AAPL reported sales of around $5.733 billion from the Greater China region, thus signifying growth of around 5%. AAPL’s figures for the remainder of 2013 will be good, but the extent may not be what is expected.

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