Tomahawk, WI 8/05/2013 (Basicsmedia) – Charter Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHTR) has been in existence since 1999 when it was founded. The company is based in Stamford, Connecticut and has staff of around 17k, whose responsibility it is to ensure it is at the forefront of solutions regarding information, entertainment and communication. These solutions are provided to residents and commercial clients based in and around the U.S. CHTR has gone through a lot of changes in the time when it has been in existence leading many to ask whether it is still a viable option for investment or not. This is what this article wishes to address.

CHTR Main Competitors

Which companies does CHTR have to contend with as its main competitors? The list is quite extensive but those which can be classified as main competition include Comcast Corporation, the privately owned Cox Communications, Inc, and Time Warner Cable Inc, which is also in private hands. Comcast Corporation is the leading player in this industry, with employees numbering in excess of 129k compared to the less than 18k working for CHTR. Comcast’s revenue is a whooping $63 billion, compared to CHTR’s $7.59. Comcast enjoyed a net income of $6.42b, compared with -$252m of CHTR.


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The above scenario provides a better understanding of how much work CHTR still needs to perform in order to be able to compete as close as possible with Comcast. However, one needs to remember that CHTR is the fourth largest cable operator inside the U.S, and serves more than 5.8 million customers within the same country, with coverage spreading into 29 states. In terms of revenue, it is fourth behind the competitors listed here, which include Comcast, Cox Communications and Time Warner. It remains the tenth largest telephone operator when talking about residential subscriber lines.

Buying CHTR Stock?

In terms of ownership, the company has no single or sole owner. It is also a publicly traded company, in addition to being publicly owned. Its net worth, as of December 31, 2012 stood at around $2.3 billion. It has made a name for itself in the provision of some top class broadband services, which cover a wide area ranging from phone services, to digital cable television and Internet services. Anyone can own CHTR stock as long as the right procedure is followed to the latter. If you are in possession or ownership of an online brokerage account, it would be much easier for you to buy CHTR stock.

Once the account is opened, you should follow this up by funding the said account. This is done through writing a cheque or via electronic transfer of funds. Afterwards, you are free to buy the stock which must be done only once you know the company’s ticker symbol. This one used to be CHTRQ.PK prior to 2010 and before it filed for bankruptcy. Don’t forget that the company also used to be traded over the counter as opposed to being traded at NYSE or NASDAQ. However, this has now changed and the company is currently being traded at Nasdaq, where its stock price has been on a positive outlook for awhile.

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