Tomahawk, WI 8/02/2013 (Basicsmedia) – If you don’t know it yet, Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) simply refers to Pfizer Inc which is quoted in the NYSE, and is one of the major manufacturers, developers, marketers and distributors of drugs in the world. It has a presence in every single continent in the world, and its drugs are often at the cutting edge in the provision of health care worldwide. This company has been around for ages ever since it was founded in 1849 in the U.S with its headquarters in New York, New York. This article undertakes to examine whether PFE is a good place for any investor, or not.

The first place to start with, when talking about the attraction of Pfizer is to ask yourself about its financial performance. Next, you would need to ask yourself whether there are any products which PFE is developing which will ensure it continues to be a market leader. It would also be good to ask yourself whether there are any factors which are likely to mess up with the market thus rendering any investment in PFE a waste or not. If you are satisfied with the answers you get to these questions, you have no problem pouring your money into this investment vehicle.

Where is PFE Stock Categorized?

When you are interested in buying the shares of any company, one needs to find out whether this is likely to outperform the current estimates by industry experts or not. If the general or universal advice is to keep away from such shares, you better heed the recommendation, unless you are privy to some information which the rest of the industry knows nothing about. PFE opted to spin off certain operations it viewed as not being core to its existence. This ended up freeing a lot of cash which it then reinvested in other areas which were crucial to its profitability.

PFE enjoys strong cash flow which is and has always been the envy of many others. Its competitors such as Novartis AG, Merck & Co. Inc, and Sanofi can only watch with a lot of envy. Its drug basket is quite diversified while the pipeline is deep enough. It has several drugs which enjoy patent protection, and in 2012 only, five of its drugs were given approval for production. Its debt management is of the highest quality, the annual EPS growth continues to be impressive, and more than $4.5b were saved due to cost cutting measures it instituted.


Image showing PFE’s stock price over the last one week. It’s courtesy of

My advice would be that PFE is still a very good investment for anyone. If the new drugs, which have already been approved for production recoup the resources spend on them, this would be quite profitable to many investors. The company may have suffered bad publicity when it was charged criminally and civilly for marketing Rapamune illegally, but the settlement it arrived at, where it paid more than $490 million, is bound to give it some breathing space so that it continues focusing on earning better returns on investments for its shareholders.

This investment is worth every penny, and you have every reason to look forward to enjoying shares which outperform others.

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