Tomahawk, WI 8/05/2013 (Basicsmedia) – CVC operates in a very competitive environment where it has to up its game and offer some of the best products lest it is considered irrelevant by its clients and abandoned. The company was found in 1985 and has established its headquarters in Bethpage, New York. It has more than 16k full time employees who are tasked with the job of ensuring CVC, cablevision Systems Corporation, continues to provide the best services and products in telecommunications and media services. This article seeks to give investors a better understanding of what is gong on with this company so that they can make informed decisions.

Does CVC Have Direct Competitors?

The age of monopolies has probably ended and there are doubts whether any company will ever be truly able to exercise its monopolistic tendencies, regardless of the environment or industry it works under. CVC is not alone in the CATV Systems Industry which it operates under. It has to contend with services and products from other companies such as Comcast Corporation, DirecTV, and Time Warner Cable Inc, which are its main competitors within the U.S. Compared with the other three companies, CVC lags behind in several aspects as I will explain in the following paragraph.

CVC has a market capitalization of around 5.24 billion, compared with 120.04 billion, 34.30 billion of both Comcast and DirecTV respectively. Comcast also has more employees than all the rest, where it has currently employed some 129,000 full time employees, compared to 51,000 of Time Warner, and 27,200 of DirecTV. CVC earns revenue of around 6.71 billion, which is way below the 64.06 billion earned by Comcast, and the 30.75 billion earned by DirecTV as well as the 21.39 billion earned by Time Warner. This is just but an indicator of how much work faces CVC as it works hard to gain better foothold here.

Should Investors Buy CVC Stock?

CVC stock has enjoyed a good period since the turn of the year. This price has been on the increase in the recent past and this is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. CVC has been declaring the same dividend for quite some time and this is expected to continue for quite some time. The current dividend has been in place for close to two years since August 17, 2011. This is indicative of two scenarios, where on hand, one could say that this shows the company is stable; while on the other hand, it demonstrates the fact that the company is going through some tough times thus unable to declare better dividend.

Therefore, if you are interested in CVC stock, you need to get a better understanding of the company first and foremost. It would be a good idea to look at the reasons behind the current levels of financial performance by CVC in order to make up your mind as to whether this is something worth investing in or not. In the absence of a detailed understanding about what goes on in this industry and the company, more specifically, one would have to put all the other plans on hold.


This diagram shows CVC’s past and expected profits.

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